The STM Fvcked Up, Montreal's AZUR Trains Don't Actually Fit The Tunnels

The big news story this morning, was about yesterday's major metro shutdown.

At first, the orange line went down, and the STM announced the service would be reestablished within 45 minutes. Only it ended up taking half a day to get it running again.

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So what happened? Was there a system malfunction? A death in the metro? A terrorist attack!?

Actually, it was a much, much dumber problem. The new AZUR trains don't actually fit in the tunnel.

It seems like everyone is aware of this problem, but no one want to actually come out and say it.

According to The Montreal Gazette, the problem was because of : "an interaction between a contact shoe on an AZUR train and signalling equipment on the line".  Then later, they say: "It's a matter of millimeters." 

That's just another way of saying: The tunnel is few millimeters too small for the train to pass. It doesn't fit.

The STM claims that it’s too soon to say whether this problem is related to a defect with the AZUR trains. But that's bullshit. The STM was aware of this problem when they first introduced the AZUR cars.

We even wrote an article about it. 

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They even announced that they needed to shave 200 meters off of some areas in the metro tunnel and reinforce the tracks.

"We finished shaving off the concrete for the needed sections (totaling 200 m or 0,3 % of the total tunnel length) in May 2013. The STM did not reinforce the tracks but we will test with a prototype and if some reinforcement is needed, it’s minor work. We used a laser-guided machine to validate all of the measures and needed adjustments." - STM

I guess they just didn't shave off enough tunnel.

People make mistakes, I get it. But at least acknowledge that you know exactly what the problem is, instead of just saying that it will be complicated to figure out the cause of the problem.

Whatever happens, I hope they fix the problem soon, considering there are 52 new AZUR trains that are supposed to hit the tracks by the end 2018.

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