The STM Is Completely Changing Montreal's Bus Network In 2018

In order to improve service in preparation for major additions to Montreal’s public transit infrastructure, the STM Is planning a major overhaul of the city’s existing bus network. 

The Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM) rapid transit system to be built in the Greater Montreal area, the blue line extension, and the addition of 300 hybrid buses to the city’s bus fleet will bring major changes to Montreal’s public transit service, the STM expects.

To streamline bus service when these public transit projects are complete, the STM is launching consultations on improving the city’s bus network. Boroughs, STM drivers, and public transit users will be involved in the consultation process. 

Traffic data and rider-requests will also be used to reconfigure the STM’s network of bus routes, to ensure buses are travelling where people need them most. 

A major recomposition of the STM bus network has not been made in the last 25 years, according to Luc Tremblay, general director of the STM. 

The overhaul couldn’t come at a better time, either. Last year saw an influx of stoppages along the STM bus network. 

850 stoppages in service were recorded between January and September 2017, an uptick of 32% from the previous year, reports Le Devoir

Most of those interruptions, however, were due to public transit riders. 50% of stoppages can be attributed to the actions of riders, says the STM. 

The STM will be launching a media campaign to better inform the public of their role in speedy public transit service.