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Here's How You Can Get An STM 1 Month Free OPUS Pass

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Here's How You Can Get An STM 1 Month Free OPUS Pass

With the way the news has been lately you probably spent all morning reading sad and annoying newspaper headlines about Mass shootings and Trump's crazy climate change policies.

So we figured that you could probably use a bit of good news for a change.

This year, the STM is holding a very special limited time offer to encourage more people to take the bus and metro.

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Everyone who signs up for a OPUS à l’année will get their 12th month absolutely free.

There's also a special deal for the students who are graduating this year. If you're about to lose your student rate or you've recently graduated, worry not because this deal has you covered.

Even if you no longer qualify for a reduced student rate in 2017, when you subscribe to OPUS à l’année, you get a 20% discount on your annual regular fare subscription for a year.

There's an added bonus too.

When you subscribe to OPUS à l’année, you gain Maestro Status which entitles you to give out free metro rides to your friends. 

Plus your OPUS card lets your ride transit in Quebec City for free!

Check out the STM website for more information.

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