The STM Is Going To Be Recycling Montreal's Old Metro Cars

Come next year, it will be out with the old and in with the new, at least in the metro. By early 2016, the STM plans to get rid of the outdated MR-63 cars and replace them (finally) with the much-anticipated Azur models. There's just one hitch: the STM doesn't quite know what to do with the old metro cars.

Not wanting to simply dump the old cars in some gigantic trash can, the STM is seeking out a way in which the MR-63 metro cars can be recycled and preserved, rather than just destroyed. Ideally, the STM is hoping to find a company with a repurposing plan that will honor the metro cars that have been carrying Montrealers to their destinations since 1966, that is also eco-friendly, reports Métro.

In total, 336 MR-63 metro cars are going to be recycled, the number that will be replaced by the new 468 AZUR cars. The only recycling plans the STM has right now are to give a single train to a railway museum located in Saint-Constant, while an undisclosed amount will be kept by the STM. As for the other 300-ish cars, well, that's where you come in.

When January dawns, the STM will be launching a call for projects and proposals concerning the future of the old metro cars, where companies can submit their recycling ideas. Certain criteria will need to be met and projects will be judged by a committee to deem their feasibility. Any cars left after all the projects have been submitted, reviewed, and approved, will then just be recycled. Sucks to be them.

If you're already feeling nostalgic for the classic Canadian Vickers MR-63 cars, don't be, because their removal is going to take a hot bit. After the new year, the old cars will only be replaced by the new Azur models at a rate of about one or two trains for every thirty days.

What could the old metro cars be remade into? Well, we're not going to try and influence your ideas, but what about a party train? Or a community library? Or a street-side terrasse? The possibilities are endless people, so get creative and lets keep Montreal history alive.