The STM Is Having A Massive Garage Sale On Vintage Metro Items In Montreal

Own a tiny piece of the city!
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The STM Is Having A Massive Garage Sale On Vintage Metro Items In Montreal

Whatever Montreal residents may think of their public transit system, it is a true gem of twentieth-century architecture and design.

Each station is completely different. Many reflect the futuristic and brutalist aesthetic of the 1960s and 70s. 

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TL;DR The STM is holding a garage sale of vintage items this Sunday October 14th at 5990 rue Casgrain. 

Indeed, spectacle is at the very core of the metro system's design: it made its debut as part of Expo '67, the event that made the city an international destination and gave it the party reputation it still has today.

The aesthetics of the metro are a visual record of the city's devlopment through the late twentieth century. 

That's why the metro has become an iconic feature of the city. The STM even has its own boutique to capitalize on that reputation.

But now the STM is offering Montreal residents a chance to own a tiny bit of that history.

The Société is holding a "vintage garage sale of items that were actually used by the public transit system in past decades."

This is a list of the most notable items that will be for sale, according to a press release:

  • Fare boxes used on buses up until the 2000s
  • Small bus route signs which were posted at the front of buses, when necessary
  • Signage, including platform banners, taken down from certain métro stations in recent years
  • Parts from MR-63 cars recently retired from service

Since there will be no online orders, expect massive lines at the event next week.

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The sale will take place at the Bellechasse Garage, 5990 rue Casgrain, on October 14 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

View the press release here.

Get there early!

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