The STM Is On Strike, Montreal Bus Service Will Be Chaos This Week

Good morning Montreal, I hope you're the patient type because it's definitely going to come in handy this week. 

As you may know the STM maintenance workers are on strike until Saturday, and warnings are already popping up on the their website about how it will affect commuters this week. 

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Between May 7 to 12 Montreal's bus system will experience disruptions. The first few days might not be so bad but the impact will be a getting worse as the week goes on. 

The STM has confirmed that the strike will cause service disruptions on certain lines, but as of this morning they cannot confirm which lines will be affected. 

They are warning Montrealers not to rely on the bus schedules and instead they should check the actual location of the bus on a map using the STM Beta website. 

For now the metro service in Montreal is not expected to be impacted by the strike, but STM says that could change. 

To make things worse, we now have to keep an eye out for the possibility of a Bus driver and metro operators strike. so far they haven't threatened to strike and if they do they have to give us a week's notice. But if this happens, getting around Montreal will be a  nightmare.


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