The STM Is Spending Ridiculous Amounts On Ticket Glitches

$29 million to make your life a tiny bit easier.
The STM Is Spending Ridiculous Amounts On Ticket Glitches

Photo cred - kellergraham

Ever have a weird ticket issue with the STM? You know, a machine doesn't read your card, or issue your ticket, or your OPUS refuses to function in the slightest? Yeah, so have we. Thankfully, a huge investment by the STM will be fixing all those ticket issues, reports Journal Metro.

In a 5 year span, the STM is planning to inject $29 million into its ticket equipment and operating systems. A lot of the software currently being used are actually pretty old, all purchased in 2008, and thus well past their 5-year recommended lifespan. Maybe an upgrade is truly needed then.

One major benefit (or negative consequence, depending on your POV) is how the software and ticket-tech improvements will ensure less Montrealers can scam ticket machines. The STM wants to "be one step ahead of fraudsters" which only means tech-hustlers will need to take a few extra strides in the coming years. Or, you know, just pay for their tickets.

$29 million seemed like a hell of a lot to spend on fixing ticket machines (something that should always just work in a city's public transit system) but in truth, the amount of people even mildly annoyed by ticket glitches adds up, so on a city-wide level, the mass amount of money is probably worth it.