The STM Lied To Us, Montreal Buses Are Not Prepared For Winter

The STM has continued its tradition of making bus travel inconvenient during winter.

This year, as in years past, STM buses won't have winter tires. As a result, there could be stoppages, slowdowns, or worse, on the slippery roads that prevail at this time of year.

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While cars are required to install winter tires in Quebec, buses aren't.

As a result, they don't, leading to interruptions in service and other such inconveniences.

What STM does, instead of using tires that are better suited to deal with the snow, is deepen the grooves on its tires to improve traction.

The modifications take place on November 15 every year.

The STM have described it as "a homemade recipe that works for us".

However, commuters might disagree.

Reports of Montrealers being stranded at bus stops due to the inability of buses to deal with wintry conditions is the stuff of legend.

While other cities also don't use snow tires, their measures tend to be more innovative than Montreal. In fact, this year Vancouver's buses will be experimenting with lightweight keviar socks wrapped around the rear wheels.

In Montreal, unfortunately, experiment is a word that exists only in the city's many laboratories.

This season, already, there have been incidents of buses going off the road and having difficulty turning.

At rush hour, Montreal has 1400 buses on the road. On a snow day, this could be a recipe for disaster.