The STM New "Real-Time Bus Tracking App" Is Now Available In Montreal

We've been eagerly waiting for this for months now, but the wait is finally over!

The STM have officially completed the tests for their " bus tracking schedules and the information is now accessible to everyone. 

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When you visit the STM's new Beta Website to plan your route, you won't be shown the regular set schedule which is notoriously unreliable. Instead you'll be given real-time schedules that are constantly being updated. 

Here are all the new advantages you'll notice: 

  • Bus schedules within 60 minutes will be adjusted according to transit network status (detours, works)

  • The schedule in real-time will be indicated in minutes. 

  • You'll always get the most recent and best predictions for the departure time at bus stop

  • Clickable arrows allow you to refresh the displayed times

  • You'll even be warned when your bus is stuck in traffic. 

Click here to see the complete REAL TIME bus schedule.

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