The STM Wants You To Stop Being An Asshole On The Bus/Metro

Apparently people need to be told not to take a seat with their legs.
The STM Wants You To Stop Being An Asshole On The Bus/Metro

Photo cred - avdezign

Each and every time you take a form of transport on the STM network, there is that one person, who, to put it bluntly, is a straight up asshat who deserves to be cuntpunted out the window for being entirely unaware of how much they're pissing everyone else off. You know who I'm talking about, and if you don't, it's probably because you're one of those people. Now the STM is going to make you painfully aware.

Yesterday, the STM launched the second part of their "Riding together - make it better" campaign, which was created to let all the punks on the bus/metro know they're being mothertruckin' annoying. My words, not theirs.

To let all the basics riding the STM know just how awful they are, and to deter others from doing the same, the STM will be installing a bunch of instructional posters telling you what you should/shouldn't be doing while taking public transit. The fact that basic STM etiquette needs to be drawn out for people points to the sorry state of our society, but hey, at least the STM is trying to do something about it.

What's hilarious is the fact that these very real STM posters are almost carbon copies of these STM ads created by two Montrealers. Dubbed "Society in Mayhem," the STM poster series is hilariously on point, so much so that even the STM took their advice when creating their own advice posters.

Here are the posters you'll soon see throughout the STM network, with my own cunty captions added in.

DON'T be a bitch and take up a seat with your legs

DO call for assistance, when you actually need it.

DON'T blast your music so loud people can hear it from your headphones. No one needs any Ke$ha in a confined space.

DO back off from the door and let people get out, unless you want a quick boot to the face.

DON'T post up on the tripod-pole-thing and act like you're cool. You're not.

DO have your pass/ticket ready, because if you hold up the bus because you can't get it from your wallet and make the traffic light go from green to help you God.

DON'T talk on your phone. No one gives half a shit about your plans to go to Korova tonight. Not even the person you're talking to.