The STM's New 100% Electric Bus You'll Be Seeing On The Streets Of Montreal

Public transit goes green in the city.
The STM's New 100% Electric Bus You'll Be Seeing On The Streets Of Montreal

You'll be seeing green on the streets of Montreal (both figuratively and literally) quite soon, as the STM, in partnership with Nova Bus, begins rolling out the city's first 100% electrically powered bus. Pair these up with the new electric taxis and we're looking at a whole new green and mean Montreal.

Part of the Cité Mobilité, of which Montreal is one of nine participating municipalities (but we are the first to launch, so yay), the pilot project aims to install sustainable technologies within the city that will increase our collective energy efficient while reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

The vehicle itself is just as large as a standard STM bus, with the only notable differences being the green paint job and the power source, of course.

In order to supply on-the-go power to the new green buses, two charging stations will be installed in Montreal, specifically at Square Victoria and Angrignon station. Both charging stations will be built in spring 2016.

But while you will be seeing these green buses rolling around Montreal, you won't actually be able to take them anywhere. Throughout all of 2016, and until 2019, the buses will be tested on the road, quite thoroughly it seems.

So why is the STM even letting us know about these buses if we won't be able to ride them? Well, the STM just wants you to know what the buses look like so you're aware of them (as described in their press release), probably because they don't want any hate when the green bus flies right by you while you're waiting at a stop. Remember: they won't be stopping for anyone.

Check out Montreal's new 100% electric bus through the photos below.

Read more at the full press release (in French) here.

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