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The Stories Of Montreal Couples That Fell In Love And Stayed Together

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it would be great to get in touch with Montreal's cutest couples and ask them about their love stories. I want to know how they met, what their first date felt like, whether it was love at first sight... Ultimately, I'd like to give our readers hope and faith: true love does exist.

Annie and Christopher

[On] Sunday night, my girlfriend was throwing the ‘Food Porn’ closing party for Grand Prix, so I decided to attend for a few hours and head home early because I started my Master’s Degree in Journalism the very next morning. Inside the event, a friend of mine took me by the hand and brought me to Christopher, she introduced us and left. Love at first sight! At this point Christopher took me to his mom directly! (Which I found to be the cutest thing in the world!)

It all began in the summer of 2013; Christopher (who then lived in Summerland, BC) was in town to celebrate his mom’s birthday at the Grand Prix. [...]

I went on to meet my friends and just when I was about to leave the event at around midnight (legit Cinderella story-esque) we crossed paths at the door, I was walking out and he was walking back in and we exchanged phone numbers. I started school the next day and he headed back to BC, but we ended up speaking to one another hours on end over the phone for four months straight.

The next time I saw him in person was in October, with all of his suit bags. He had packed his entire house up and had moved to Montreal for me!We have been inseparable ever since, we are together all hours of the day and we are partners in everything in life. We are going on three years now, but we always laugh at the fact that it feels like we have known each other our entire lives… We got matching tattoos to celebrate our one-year anniversary and we are thankful every day that our stars aligned ☺

Luciana and Brahms

Our love story started out of a friendship that had been forged years back. We always had multual close friends that kept bringing us back to the same circle. I must say Brahms is not a quitter, working his way for about three months to be exact, til we had our first date. Nonetheless, the wait was worth it since, for all we know, five years later, we are stronger than ever.

We have way too many great stories that happened throughout the years, but my favorite was our trip to Brazil in 2011. It was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, one of the greatest exemples of a true love story. Sharing that moment together with the whole family was one of the most significative events for me. They recreated their wedding, walking down the isle together, both dressed in white. I get goosebumps thinking about it. So out of all our great stories, that is the one I believe is most meaningful for a Valentine's day story...

After Brahms read Luciana's description of their love story, he thought that she didn't give a fair description of their first date: "I took you out for a drink [to Billy Kun] after you rejected me about ten times." HAHA!

Photo cred - Rebecca Perez

John and Rebecca

Our love story started in June two years ago, I was working at the Luciani Infiniti dealership as a sales coordinator. One day I had no clients, so decided to hang out in the front of the dealership and greet the clients with the sales reps.

This older couple walked in and the woman turned to look at me and said: "Your shoes are so nice, I love them!" so right away I tell her where I got them. We started chatting and I told them I was indeed single, they mentioned that their nephew had just finished University and was moving back to Montreal.

I had never gotten set up before, neither did he. We're not the type of people that like blind dates. But they were insistent, and so, to be polite, I gave them my phone number to pass on to him.

The next week, he came by the dealership to pick me up for dinner. He stood there, leaning on his car waiting to open my door. That night we had two bottles of champagne. Celebrating absolutely nothing, except for the fact that we had (finally) found each other.

Viviane and Synden

After the total meltdown of a 3-year relationship, in which I was living with the woman and had even co-signed on a condo, I was single for a long time. Deciding to focus on my career and personal passions, I was genuinely not looking for love, or even something casual for that matter.

I third-wheeled it for a while with a good friend and his partner

A couple of months went by, I finally caved, and downloaded the popular dating app. Several fruitless matches later, I met my now girlfriend of 9 months, and counting.

Admittedly, she was already a fan of my articles, putting the odds in my favour, but nevertheless, our first date was a Montreal Impact game, and the rest is well, history.

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