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The Struggles Of Many West Islanders Getting Back Home After Partying Downtown Montreal

After a long night most people would like to get home fast and crash into their soft bed, but obviously at 4am transport is an issue.  Here are some of the options Montrealers heading back to the West Island have for those late night journeys home.

1. Cray Cray Taxi Drivers

Obviously taxis are your best bet because you can get from point A to B without worrying. The struggle is real when you have to keep track of exactly where you are just incase the driver takes you on a little road trip while you're sleeping, letting the meter run.

2. Couch Surfing

Just be cautious of practical jokes from your friends. The picture above is a cute little trick but we all know those people that get covered in permanent marker or sloppy types of food, which are just some variations of the drunk sleeper prank. In the end it's not a big deal as long as you get a good night's sleep.

3. The Clown Car

Fit 4 in the back seat, a couple on their laps, 2 in the passenger and don't forget the trunk. Note that your limbs will be numb while stepping out of the car. Even at that, this is probably the quickest option - but remember: drinking and driving is bad. Be vigilant.

4. Making New Interesting Friends

On the night bus it's likely that one will find fellow inebriated cohorts. In this situation there are 2 options: 1, make a whole crew of new friends, and 2, try to take a nap while everyone is wild'n out. Usually, the latter seems to be the best option as long as you can time your awakening to the right bus stop. If you miss your stop, the walk will be looooong.

5. Late Night Creepers

The journey back to the West Island is long and trying. The encounters with night-folk are inevitable. Sometimes the night crawlers can be quite sketchy - to say the least. We all know the struggle of imagining having to use your keys as weapons.

6. Having To Go Home Early

Yes, once in awhile all odds will fail and it will be necessary to take the metro at 1am. If you're catching the 470 you'll need to leave even earlier. This is typically the least interesting option because the last metro tends to arrive when the party actually starts to be fun.

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