The Summer Beer Festival That's An Hour Outside Of Montreal Worth Road Tripping To

Well, friends, we finally did it. We made it.

Winter is officially over and done with; the weather's getting hotter and hotter every day; and it looks like we're smack in the middle of another beautiful Montreal summer.

With summertime comes a whole lot of events in and around the city. Which is great, but it can mean a little bit of insanity for those of us living in Montreal. (Looking at you, road closures and massive crowds).

Thankfully, one summer festival super close to Montreal has all of our backs.

Summer Beer Fest is going down this year on June 24 at Lamoureux Park, a huge riverside parkland in Cornwall, Ontario. And it's only about an hour drive out of the city (AKA, the perfect day-trip distance). 

And trust, friends, it's going to be seriously fun.

via @seawayfoodfestival

They'll have tons of great, local, Ontario craft beers available for everyone to taste - so, beer lovers, prepare to meet your new favourite outdoor summer festival. But here's the thing: the beer is just the beginning.

Summer Beer Fest also happens to be a paradise for food lovers, featuring a whole bunch of local chefs on tap, ready to serve up some seriously good eats (like meatball sliders, bison and wild boar sausages, corn on the cob with sriracha honey butter, and a whole lot more).

Plus, the festival will have a market with local artists and vendors, games, beer yoga, and beer appreciation classes. In other words, everything you could possibly want for a chill, awesome time!

Oh, and to cap things off? A nighttime concert featuring none other than Juno-award winning Classified. I know, guys. I know.

Honestly, this is pretty much a fun, huge festival vibe... in an incredibly easy-going, small-town setting. Kind of like the most awesome backyard party you and your friends have ever been to!

For more information on this amazing summer festival, check out Cornwall's Summer Beer Fest's website and Facebook page.