The Super Scary Haunted Village Near Montreal You Must Road Trip To This Fall

This event isn't for the faint of heart!
The Super Scary Haunted Village Near Montreal You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Well people, I know it's hard to admit with all the gorgeous warm weather we've been getting this week, but fall is coming and it's coming quick! And what's the best thing that comes with fall? Halloween obviously! 

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Quebec towns go all out for Halloween. Every town wants to do all they can to scare the sh*t out of you! But this Quebec town does it better than all the rest year after year! 

The town of Drummondville completely transforms into a massive haunted village every year and you can bet you'll be chased by zombies, clowns and ghosts and so many more monsters. 

This year the terrifying event will be taking place starting September 29th until November 4th. 

The village turns into your worst nightmare come to life for 3 whole kilometres of trails and streets with creepy monsters hiding around every dark corner. There's more than 30 animated activities and over 100 actors ready to scare you every chance that they get! 

A ticket into this village is $23.05 and you'll spend the evening paralyzed by fear while you face your phobias and worst nightmares.

This event does have a Family Zone so parents are welcome to bring their kids along but they recommend parents visit before hand if they want to ensure their child can handle the level of fear involved. 

Check out thewebsite to buy your tickets, the Facebook page and this site for more information. 

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