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The Super Scary "Zombie Run" Near Montreal You Must Go On This Fall

Don't let them eat your brains!
The Super Scary "Zombie Run" Near Montreal You Must Go On This Fall

There's probably nothing else in this world that scares me more than zombies do. I honestly had to stop watching The Walking Dead after one season because I was so freaked out. 

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Yes, I know that zombies aren't real but we all know there's some sketchy government testing going on in deep dark labs underground that could one day accidentally create zombies and then we're all screwed. 

If the idea of zombies scares you as much as it does me, then this event is definitely going to scare the living daylights out of you! 

Total Zombie is a super scary event happening on October 21st at Valcartier Village in Quebec City. It's a 5k race where zombies chase you and you have to run for your life, literally. 

You have 3 scarves, flag football style, and if the zombies steal all 3 of your scarves, or lives, you're dead and you have to return to the finish line. 

You can sign up to be a zombie or a player but if you sign up to be a zombie you need to be committed to the role and cannot break character for the entire event! 

They have a day event and a night event but the night event is much more hardcore and not for the faint of heart! 

Tickets are on-sale now for a special reduced price just until October 2nd so now is the time to scoop up your tickets! The day event currently costs $46 and the night event costs $54. 

Buy your ticketshere and visit their website for more information. 

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