Montreal's Kaytranada & The Superflous Culture Present The Reflective Batwing-Jersey

Founder and creative director for The Superfluous Culture, Adam Taubert, first met Kevin (Kaytranada) outside of a Slum Village concert in Montreal two summers back. The two first collaborated on his album art   for Kaytra Todo (below) shortly after his release of 'If' – the track that would give him the necessary attention to shine light on his creative brilliance.

No more than six months later, the two would appropriately drop a collaborative project on a classic Champion USA jersey, featuring Kaytranada's home city’s area code and stage name upside down. The reference was to create a liaison between the infinite space of the universe and Kaytranada's upcoming bookings around the world, illustrating his point of reference midst all the chaos and possibilities.

After the success of the first release, William, Kaytra’s manager, invited The Superfluous Culture to do another series. The purpose of this jersey is to metaphorically emulate the mechanics of a performance DJ; creating a synonymous flow of energy between the crowd and himself. The reflective batwing-jersey can be pre-ordered here.

Take a look at the jersey below.

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What do you think of the jersey?

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