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The Tallest Water Slide In Canada Is Only One Hour Away From Montreal

Be warned...
The Tallest Water Slide In Canada Is Only One Hour Away From Montreal

Canada is not known for its summer attractions. While the country's ski resorts, bear claw desserts, and cabanes à sucre are world-renowned, many of its incredible summer festivals, of which Montreal is the undeniable epicenter, remain largely elusive to the international crowd.

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So it may surprise many to learn that the tallest waterslide in all of Canada is just a one hour away from Montreal in Limoges, Ontario!

The centerpiece of the Calypso water park is the Summit Tower. The 28-metre-high mountain of waterslides includes a series of "gut-wrenching" rides, some of which are among the tallest ever constructed.

The Tower is a must-do for diehard thrill-seekers. Also on the Summit are your choice of "accelerator" class waterslides, which are designed to propel your body at unconceivable speeds down steep tubes. 

The Calypso park is also one of the largest in Canada and continues to grow. It just opened its latest attraction: a maginal marine kingdom for children. With rides ranging from the truly heart-twisting to the mesmerizingly whimsical, there is something for everyone. 

You can definitely catch me in the marine kingdom and as far away from the Summit Tower as I can get. But I will still enjoy the screams echoing from the steep drops.

Check out the Calypso par website here!


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