Probably The Best Ice Cream Shops In Montreal’s Ahuntsic

10 adorable shops that are worth the trip.
Probably The Best Ice Cream Shops In Montreal’s Ahuntsic

Summer in Montreal is in full swing. Which means great events, beautiful people, and unbearable heat as the sun scorches down on us all. Okay, that last sounds super terrible- but the great news is that the hotter it gets, the less justification you need to go out there and grab yourself some ice cream. The cherry on top? If you live in Montreal's beautiful borough of Ahuntsic, you have firsthand access to some of the greatest ice cream shops around. Grab a spoon, fellow Ahuntsicians, your summer is about to get a little colder, and a lot more delicious. Continue reading for the list of great places to get ice cream in and around Ahuntsic.

1. Virevent

1517 Rue Fleury E

Lychee sorbet? Strawberry basil gelato? Does it get any better? Normally, no, but at Virevent, unique ice cream flavours are just the beginning. Each ice cream is home-made, fluffy, sweet, and just plain delicious. Even their soft serve ice cream is freaking amazing. And if you want to make a great thing even better, you can dip your cone into one of several sweet Belgian chocolates. Try the vanilla cone dipped in Cappuccino chocolate. If you ever leave, you can thank us later.


2. Crémerie Chateaubriand

740 Boul Crémazie E

In a word: yum. Crémerie Chateaubriand has some of the most legit ice cream I've ever tasted. But their other products deserve some real recognition as well. Namely their frozen yogurts, which are tart, fruity, and perfect if you're in the mood for a healthier frozen snack. And a special shoutout to their parfaits for being parfait. Terrible joke? Terrible joke.


3. Chez Vincenzo

500 Rue Villeray

Okay, Chez Vincenzo is not technically in Ahuntsic - but it's close enough to qualify. And besides, the ice cream here is just too good to not write about. How good, I hear you ask? Amazing. The owner spent some time in Italy, perfect the art that is Italian gelato. And he clearly brought the magic back with him to Montreal, because the gelato here is creamy, sweet, and downright legit. Protip: try the pistachio, you won't regret it.


Photo cred - Crémerie Henri-Bourassa

4. Crémerie Henri-Bourassa

120 Boul Henri-Bourassa O

Home of the 'Poutine Glacée' and other unique sweet treats, Crémerie Henri-Bourassa scores points not only for originality but also for its deliciousness factor. Over here, something super simple (looking at you, Strawberry Milkshake) is just as amazing as something more complex. And that, my friends, is how you know you've found a great ice cream place.


5. Havre-aux-Glaces

1575 Rue Fleury E

By now, Havre-aux-Glaces is pretty much synonymous with 'awesome ice cream'. Before, it used to be that the people of Ahuntsic had to travel all the way to the Jean Talon Market to be able to get their fix of Matcha or Dulce de Leche ice cream. But now? Havre-aux-Glaces has opened a location right on Fleury. Rejoice, fellow Ahuntsicians. And if you encounter someone weeping with tears of pure joy at their door, it's me.


6. Cocktail Antabli

9254 Boulevard de l'Acadie

The ice cream at Antabli is super delicious, but you know what's better than their ice cream? The fact that you can combine it with tons of other unique, amazing desserts. Seriously. Have you ever tried incorporating avocado into your dessert? Probably not. But at Antabli, turning an avocado into a sweet cocktail is just the tip of the iceberg. Unique, delicious, and inexpensive? It's a dessert lover's paradise.


7. Cremino

9394 l'Acadie

Have you ever tried watermelon sorbet so good you thought you'd literally never stop eating it? No? Then you've never tried the watermelon sorbet at Cremino. Or any ice cream at Cremino, for that matter. The bad news is that once you've tried one of their delicious ice creams, you'll never stop. They're just that good. Did I say bad news? Because, eh, screw it. That's actually some pretty good news.


8. Archicrème

753 Rue Villeray

Archicrème isn't technically in Ahuntsic, but it's pretty close. Plus it scores bonus points for being in the perfect location for cyclists who want to take an ice cream break (the best type of break). And with on point soft serve ice cream, sundaes, sorbets and gelatos, you'll honestly want to dust off the old bicycle and take a spin down to Villeray. Or walk. Or jog, if you're as excited about ice cream as any normal person is.


Photo cred - stu_spivack

9. Crème & Délices

2103 Boulevard Gouin E

Okay, imagine you. Have you imagined yourself? Good. Now imagine that you've been walking through Île-de-la-Visitation Park for a whole day. Or that you've been biking down Gouin Boulevard for an hour. Or that you've just grabbed a pint at Bistro Des Moulins. How do you feel? Crabby. Exhausted. Hot as fvck. Bet you could use some ice cream, huh? Enter Crème & Délices. Not only is it in the perfect location, but their ice cream is amazing, too. The cherry on top? They have an artisanal chocolate counter, too. Rejoice, friends. Rejoice.

Photo cred - Chocolaterie Bonneau

10. Chocolaterie Bonneau

69 Fleury O

Chocolaterie Bonneau specializes in homemade chocolate and crepes. And let me tell you, their prouct is freaking delicious. If you can resist temptation to gorge on an entire tray of chocolates, then you definitly won't resist the urge to go beast on one of their artisinal ice creams. Grapefruit sorbet? Vanilla bourbon ice cream? 72% dark chocolate ice cream? This is what paradise is made of, my friends.


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