The "Tight Rope" Bridge Across This Enormous Quebec Canyon Is The Most Intense Summer Challenge Ever

Don't look down!
The "Tight Rope" Bridge Across This Enormous Quebec Canyon Is The Most Intense Summer Challenge Ever

It's stating the obvious, but Quebec is the most diverse and intriguing province to be in. Every corner of the province offers a new activity to enjoy. Whether you're into lounging around at the beach or getting your hands dirty by walking through secret canyon trails. The possibilities are completely endless.

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But, any activity doesn't just cut it. You need to find the ultimate thing to do this Summer, not only to enjoy the bragging rights, but to test your limits and truly see what you're capable of. 

What if you were able to cross off that dare-devil activity on your Summer bucket list by walking across a ginormous cliff hundreds of metres in the sky? Well, you absolutely can.

Via Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay, located off of the St. Lawrence River, is on of the most incredible national parks in all of Quebec. Not only offering amazing views and experiences you can find nowhere else, but the natural landmarks all around the area will make you feel like you're stepping backwards in time. 

Hundreds of visitors go to the park every year in an attempt to complete the "tight rope" walk across the 300m tall granite glaciers, but not all are able to finish (or even begin) such a demanding and fear-invoking challenge. This activity is definitely not for those afraid of heights. 

Of course, you are attached to a safety-line for precaution, and the thin plank of board you get to walk across is lined with safety wires. That totally does not stop the wobbliness of the "tight rope" as you walk across, and the sinking feeling you may get if you try to look down at the forest floor, which is over 300 metres below you.

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The rewards for completing this excursion far outweigh the cons: you'll have the opportunity to witness the full extent of the park's natural beauty from the center of the rope, viewing the long and windy river and thick, dense forest lining the shore. The best time to go is golden hour (right before sunset) for the most amazing sights coloured with orange and pink skies. The park also has a wide selection of accomodations, including rustic shelter's as well as old-fashioned tent sites that allow you to make this a multi-day adventure.

The national park is a 5 hour drive from Montreal, but the sights along the way will make the roadtrip totally worth it. Plus, this is so much better than catching an expensive flight out of country to experience something only half as remarkable.

You can book you stay at Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay HERE, and check out the park's official Facebook page HERE.

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