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The Timeline Of Every Girl's Dream Boyfriend As They Grow Older

Every once in a little while, Facebook rewards you with something so incredibly true to life that you just have to sit in stunned silence for a minute, absorbing all the pure truths.

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I saw tons of my friends sharing this on my Facebook newsfeed, and it got me thinking about how true to my own life it was:

And if you're anything like me, maybe you can have yourself a good chuckle, too, just like I did.

Ages 12 - 13

A photo posted by @visionarystyling on

I remember when I was, like, 13, my only daydream in life was meeting Justin Timberlake. Yes, ramen hair and all.

Ages 14 - 18

A photo posted by PAULO DYBALA FANPAGE? (@_paulodybala21.fanpage) on

Soccer champs were my whole life at 18, not even going to lie. #Ronaldo #ButJuventusForever

Ages 19 - 23

A photo posted by Band Guy (@alturners) on

I remember being 20 and literally only noticing guys who were in bands, for some reason. All you had to do was play the bass guitar and you were bae material for me, apparently.

Ages 24 - 25

A photo posted by The Alberti Twins (@the_alberti_twins) on

One word: accents. All accents. Any accent. They're all dreamy, friends.

Ages 26 - 28

A photo posted by Ali (@alisunaoff) on

Seriously, I'm not even 26 and all my relationship goals revolve around finding a guy with a job. I feel ya, 26-28 year olds. I feel ya.

Ages 29 +

A photo posted by That Guy (@talesofthatguy) on

Again, not even 29, but I feel this on a deep and personal level. Finding a guy who doesn't ghost is one of my all-time relationship goals, too, TBH.

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