The Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In Canada

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The Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In Canada

We Canadians are extremely lucky to be living in a such a safe country. Our crime rate is especially low compared to our Southern counterpart, the United States. 

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TL;DR Canada for the most part is a safe and peaceful country. But that doesn't mean we don't have crime. These are the top 10 criminals currently featured on the RCMP most wanted list.

Once and awhile we hear about some truly shocking and horrendous criminal stories that happen right in our homeland. Anyone remember the infamous Robert Pickton? If you don't let me refresh your mind, he was the Canadian serial killer that murdered 49 women between 1983-2002 

That's not to say there haven't been more recent cases. We decided to create a list of 10 fugitives that Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are still hunting. All the information below comes directly from the RCMP website.

If you do spotone of these individuals, please don't approach them, and instead leave a "tip" at 1-800-222-8477. 

10. Frederick Silva

Frederick shot a man that touched his wife in a sexual manner outside a bar. Since June 2, 2017 a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued against him. He is being charged with first degree murder.


9. Yanick Laporte

Yanick is the perpetrator of various crimes, robberies, and break-and-enters in Montreal homes (over 60 of them). He has stolen goods such as money, jewellery, and electronics which he then sells. A federal warrant for his arrest was issued in 2002.


8. Miranda Faith Canabie

Miranda was charged with manslaughter for which she served a sentence of three years. She was released in May 2018 on Day Parole and then a month later broke a condition and has been on the loose ever since.


7. Abdiquadir Hosh Dirie

Abdiquadir is wanted for sexual assault, and multiple counts of failure to comply with probation. He is currently wanted for a crime he committed on April 4, 2018, when he sexually assaulted and stole money from a 77 year old man. The RCMP is warning individuals that he is violent and dangerous.


6. Christopher Lee Chubb

Christopher was released from Federal custody this past March on Statutory Release after serving a sentence for violence and aggravated assault. He broke a condition in June 2018 and a warrant for his arrest has since been issued.


5. Leon Eugene Stevens

Leon is currently wanted for sexual assault with weapons and has a long history of offences, including sexual assault, breaking and entering, failure to comply with probation, and obstruction of a peace officer. He is known to attend pipeline protests and is considered violent.


4. Thomas Michael Clark

Thomas is no stranger to crime, with offences like sexual assault, extortion, and fraud. He is known to frequent coffee shops and set up fake businesses. He is considered an "escape risk" and violent. For some reason, this is the best photo the RCMP has:


3. Jesse Jack Breese

Jesse is wanted for multiple crimes including robbery while armed with firearm, discharging a firearm with intent, and attempted murder. Jesse and his friends robbed a bank in Toronto and he is also involved in a shooting in Barrie. He is considered violent, armed, and dangerous.


2. Ali Omer Mohamed

Ali shot a person at a party after a heated debate. Previously, he was charged with second degree murder. He has since fled Canada to travel to Djibouti and either Somalia or Ethiopia. This man was a part of an Ottawa street gang called 'The Kids."


1. Brian Joseph McConnell

Brian was scheduled to fly in 2011 from La Paz, Bolivia to Miami, USA, but never boarded the flight. He was last seen in Westin, Florida in November 2016 and is wanted for parole violation. He is supposed to be serving a two year, seven month sentence for production of an undisclosed controlled substance.



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