The "Top 3 Things" You Need To Do In EVERY Montreal Borough

Yes, EVERY Montreal borough.
The "Top 3 Things" You Need To Do In EVERY Montreal Borough

If you didn't already know, Montreal has 19 whole boroughs! (I can admit I didn't actually know this until now). They're all completely different and unique and each one is filled with amazing things to do, see, eat and experience. 

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The city is divided loosely into North, South, East and West obviously, and then the neighbourhoods are broken down from there. It's important to know that each borough is totally unique, but Montreal as a whole could not be itself without each and every one of them.

This is a huge list of 3 of the top things to do in every single Montreal borough! It may be overwhelming, but if you've been wanting explore some different neighbourhoods in the city, this list should help you find the best places to see while you're there!

19. Ahuntsic-Cartierville 👍

18. Anjou 🌸

17. Cotes-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace 🍓

16. Lachine 🥂

15. Lasalle 🌊

14. Le Plateau 🎨

13. Le Sud-Ouest 🌾

12. L'Ile Bizard 🎈

11. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 🍦

10. Montreal Nord 

9. Outrement 🚲

8. Pierrefonds 💥

7. Rivieres-des-Prairies 🦋

6. Rosemont 🌴

5. Ville Saint Laurent 🌷

4. Saint Leonard 🌳

3. Verdun 🌈

2. Ville Marie 🍃

1. Villeray 🎉

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1. Parc Ahuntsic 

via @dorianelab

This huge park is definitely something you should explore when you come to this area of Montreal. It has gorgeous flower gardens, a huge grassy area where events are held, and a pretty fountain in the lake!

2. Le Taz

via @dcshoesmontreal

Le Taz is a fun skate park that all skaters should try out in this neighbourhood. Whether you're a seasoned skater or it's your first time out, this spot will definitely give you a super fun time! They have both indoor and outdoor skate areas for any season of the year.

3. Marche Centrale

via @andrefebres

This outdoor shopping complex is one of the best in the city! It's perfect for the summertime when you don't want to be trapped indoors at a mall all day. They have warehouse stores, apparel stores, sports stores and so much more!

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1. Montreal Botanical Gardens 

via @samarabouchard

The Montreal Botanical Gardens are a hotspot for a very good reason: they're STUNNING! It's the perfect place to bring a date, explore with your friends, or just wander through the gardens solo! Either way you're going to love everything this place has to offer.

2. Maisonneuve Park

via @emad_white

This gorgeously green park has a perfect view of the Olympic stadium and there's so many things to do here. They have great bike paths, tons of green grassy spaces, and picnic tables to enjoy a nice meal in nature!

3. ISaute Anjou

via @chriztinadamore

I literally love trampolines. I mean, who doesn't right? They make you feel like you're a kid again in the best way. That's why you should try ISaute, it's a giant room filled with trampolines, foam pits and tons of other fun stuff.

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1. Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre

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This impressive memorial was built to remember those that were lost in the horrific events that were the Holocaust. This memorial site focuses on those that survived this time that are from Montreal with video testimonies and personal objects.

2. Monkland Village

via @clark_yara

This beautiful are is on Monkland Avenue and it's filled with cute shops, cafes, and restaurants perfect to explore on a summer day! Enjoy strolling along this street with a delicious coffee from Melk, while you peruse the flower shops, clothing stores and then stop to grab a bit at any of the wonderful restaurants!

3. Ca Lem Ice Cream 

via @handi.xx

You may think it's weird that I put an ice cream spot on this list, but this place is just so great! They make the most aesthetically pleasing ice cream cones I've ever seen and their flavours are insanely good. You can get pitch black ice cream, strawberry cheesecake, mango and chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry, taro and passionfruit and sooo much more!

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1. Lachine Canal

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This is clearly the top attraction in Lachine. The canal is one of the most beautiful places in the entire city, with bike paths leading all the way into downtown Montreal, bars along the waterfront and places to rent kayaks and paddle boats to ride on the water!

2. Rene Levesque Park

via @sivanrehan

This beautiful green park is located right between the Saint Lawrence River and the Lachine Canal. It's the perfect spot to lounge and read a book on a sunny day or have a cute picnic lunch!

3. The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site 

via @melissalarock

This is a historic building located at the western end of the Lachine Canal. It's a cool place to explore if you want to know more about the history of Montreal and how this city became what it is today!

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1. Rafting Montreal

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This is a super fun activity you can do right here in the city! Grab your best friends and hop into a raft to ride the white water rapids of Montreal. It's a fun way to get outside and experience something completely unique this summer.

2. Parc du Soleil

via @anthonyaramouni

This park is super green and bright, perfect for spending an afternoon chilling with your best friends. Pack a picnic, bring your favourite book, or enjoy a couple beers for an awesome day in LaSalle.

3. Theatre Desjardins 

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This big theatre right here in LaSalle puts on some super fun shows. You can see everything from theatre, musical performances, dance shows, comedy and family shows!

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Le Plateau: 

1. Schwartz's Deli

via @margafret

This iconic spot in the plateau is a must-visit for literally everyone, whether you live here or you're just visiting. They basically coined the term 'smoked meat sandwich' because of how well they do it. It's probably the best in the city!

2. Mont-Royal


Yup, we all know about the infamous Mont-Royal park because it give the BEST views of the entire city! Hike up to the top to get these amazing views, visit Beaver Lake or chill at the bottom of the hill!

3. Boulevard Saint Laurent

via @pollypetitspois

This street is filled with awesome things to explore. You have tons of shops, cafes and restaurants but you also have some of the best street art in the entire city. Go down basically any side street and you'll find a beautiful mural that was created during Montreal's MURAL Fest this summer!

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Le Sud-Ouest:

1. Atwater Market


Definitely one of the cutest spots in the city is Atwater Market. It's filled with rows and rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, shops serving artisanal cheeses, fresh fish and meats, desserts. They also have tons of awesome food and plants!

2. Joe Beef 

via @alycianoe

This awesome restaurant was just visited by the two best leaders of the free world, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. So you can basically call this restaurant a landmark. They also serve seriously killer food, so that's another reason to come here.

3. Angrignon Park

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This beautiful park has adorable chairs to sit in right beside the marsh! It has tons of wooded spaces, playgrounds, dog parks, and a small farm to explore.

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L'Ile Bizard:

1. Parc Bois-de-L'Ile-Bizard Nature Park

via @annemarie_michaud

This gorgeous park has a super long boardwalk perfect to explore the wooded forests, marshy areas and grassy areas of this amazing spot!

2. Golf Course Saint Raphael 

via @ontheroxs

This beautiful golf course is perfect for a fun game of golf, a big social event and even weddings! It has the perfect natural backdrop for literally all occasions.

3. Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal

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This beautiful canal is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day! You can lounge on the docks, boat on the water or walk along the boardwalk to take in all of it's natural beauty.

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1. Maison de la Culture

via @francouvertes

This cool spot hosts cool events like movie screenings, concerts, and dance shows all the time! It's also an incredibly good price for every show.

2. Marche Maisonneuve 

via @ca_frn

This is super similar to the Atwater Market with tons of fresh fruit and veggies stands, baked goods, cheese stands, and so much more all under one roof! It's also a stunning building perfect for a cute Instagram.

3. Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium 

via @rbma

This cool spot is the place to go if you want to learn about everything to do with space. They host cool shows here and space presentations on the big dome!

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Montreal Nord:

1. Rue de Dijon

via @celinedhml

Montreal created this cool area in Montreal Nord. The design is super cute and it's meant for members of the community to chill and enjoy the neighbourhood!

2. Parc Saint Laurent

via @sarahmaudelefter

This cute park has a pool, a sandy beach and tons of green grassy space! It's perfect to bring your family, friends or significant other to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

3. La Route de Champlain

via @sgt_marcopolo1

This is technically a highway but you can kayak, canoe or swim in this river underneath it! You get awesome views from nature and it's a super fun way to spend your day.

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1. Dragon Flowers

via @federicatasin

This beautiful flower shop is an Outremont landmark. It's literally exploding with plants and flowers and the outside is decorated in tons of white bird cages! It's a place that's completely unique to this neighbourhood!

2. Drawn & Quarterly 

via @frankandoak

This adorable bookstore is a favourite in the area. You can spend hours perusing the isles of graphic novels, fiction novels and sooo much more! You'll definitely get lost in the world of books at this place.

3. Parc Outremont 

via @tyfnr

This is one of the most serene parks in the entire city! It's so relaxing and pretty that you can spend hours here relaxing, reading a book and eating good food with friends with a gorgeous view of the giant fountain!

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1. Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park

Get you friends who'll take pics of you and swat the mosquitoes off you.

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This dense forest is a beautiful park with a long boardwalk winding through it, marshes, lakes and so much more to explore! It's one of the best spots in the city to go wildlife spotting.

2. Cap Saint Jacques Nature Park

via @arnaultlavillephotography

This gorgeous park is definitely the perfect place in the city to watch the sunset. It has a white sandy beach, sparkling blue waters, and they hold tons of fun events here like yoga on the beach!

3. Grimp a L'Arb

via @imleo21

This fun spot is an obstacle course in the treetops! You can walk along tight ropes, go zip lining and tons of other fun activities to test your fear of heights!

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1. Boulevard Gouin Parc de la Nature

via @innerhappy_innerhippie

Get awesome views of sunsets from this classic RDP park! Explore the cute paths, the green grassy areas and finish off your day with a gorgeous pink and yellow sunset of the water!

2. Golf de L'Ile de Montreal

via @cgimgolf

This stunning golf course is a fun place to come for a round of golf with an amazing natural backdrop.

3. Ruisseau de Montigny Nature Park

via @verodevo

This amazing nature parks has a huge waterfall making it the perfect spot for hiking and sightseeing. This tranquil park is beautiful in literally every single season!

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1. Jean Talon Market

via @vitorscamaral

This insanely huge farmers market is the perfect place to visit on a lazy weekend! They have rows on rows of the freshest fruits and veggies, cafes nearby, tons of plant and flower stands and sooo much more!

2. Caffe San Simeon 

via @juliachewsthefat

This adorable Little Italy cafe is one of the best for classic Italian espresso and baked goods. They serve delicious croissants, gelato and of course a mean cup cappuccino!

3. Parc Molson

via @anick_jolicoeur

This hidden gem in the city is full of natural beauty. This park features a classic gazebo, a kids playground, huge bike and walking lanes, and tons of bakeries and cafes nearby so you can grab a snack and a coffee and relax among nature!

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Ville Saint-Laurent:

1. Bois Franc

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This is almost a separate neighbourhood, it's got so many things going on. It has over 40 parks in an area of just 14 million square feet. It's got fountains, ponds, families of ducks and tons of other cute stuff!

2. Parc Gohier 

via @pichasson

This park is super fun for any season! They have tons of tennis courts, picnic tables and green space to enjoy a relaxing day!

3. Place Rodolphe-Rousseau 

via @arrsaintlaurent

This is Ville Saint-Laurent's new public space that just opened up! It's full of cool events, terrasses, art installations, markets, cafes and more!

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Saint Leonard:

1. Saint Leonard Cavern

via @evablue

Did you know there were actual underground caves in the city of Montreal? Well there is in Saint Leonard! You can live out your dreams of spelunking right here, in these cool caves.

2. Maniax 

via @sarahcammisano

Have you ever wanted to take out your anger by throwing an axe? Well now you can at Maniax, the axe throwing spot in Saint Leonard. Head over there with some friends and practice your aim!

3. Cafe Milano

via @melli_s18

This cute Italian cafe has some awesome coffee, baked goods and lunch options! Definitely a must-visit if you're in this borough.

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1. Station W

via @mevetaillefer

This is one of the cutest cafes in all of Verdun. It has awesome coffee, decor and atmosphere and it's perfect to bring a date, study or catch up with friends!

2. Wellington Street

via @libscastro

This is the bustling main street of Verdun, filled with fun shops, restaurants and cafes!

3. Verdun Memorial

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This war memorial is to commemorate the war fought in 1916 called the Battle of Verdun. It was part of the First World War and plays an important part in Montreal's history.

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Ville Marie: 

1. Old Port 

via @chloerioux

The Old Port is one of the nicest places in Montreal. It has a huge ferris wheel, tons of rooftop terrasses, cute cafes, spas, and a path along the St Lawrence River!

2. Musee des Beaux Arts

via @vleongto

This amazing museum in the heart of Montreal has tons of exhibits all the time. They have free areas and paid exhibits every month!

3. Place des Arts

via @elleissy65

This is the spot to go in the summer to see all the best festivals. It's where Just For Laughs, the Jazz Festival and sooo many others take place!

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1. Jarry Park

via @aganache

This adorable park is one of the best in the entire city! It features a huge fountain in the middle of the pond, tons of places to lounge, green spaces, picnic tables and more!

2. Cafe Vito

via @taste.montreal

This cute cafe is the best in Villeray. They make a perfect cup of coffee to pair with their amazing bakes goods, like their canoli!

3. Restaurant Tandem

via @tandemrestaurant

This cute French bistro is perfect for a fancy date night in Villeray. They serve amazing dishes including their fish, steak and ravioli dishes!

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