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The Top 5 Most Sold Halloween Costumes In Quebec

Expect a fair amount of capes.
The Top 5 Most Sold Halloween Costumes In Quebec

If you really needed more proof that superheroes are dominating modern pop culture, all you need to do is look around at everyone’s costumes this Halloween/Halloweekend.

According to a survey by a Quebec retailers group, cited by The Gazette, superheroes are the most popular costume theme in Quebec for Halloween 2017.  

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L’Observateurfor the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail performed the survey on Quebec Halloween buying habits, narrowing down the most popular themes for costumes this year. 

Superheroes, as already said, came out on top. Given the amount of superhero films that are released almost every month, expect a wide assortment of masked vigilantes. 

Except when it comes to the ladies, because you can expect gals to be rocking Amazon-wear as Wonder Woman or keeping it fun-and-crazy as Harley Quinn. This isn’t based on any actual research, just speculation, but we all know one girl going as either comic book character. 

The other most popular costume themes in Quebec are fairly standard. “Professionals” (think sexy police officer) ranks as the second most popular, followed by animals (all you need is lingerie and cat ears to make a costume), horror film characters, and celebrities. 

TOP 5 Most Sold Halloween Costumes In Quebec:

1. Superheroes

2. Professional Uniforms

3. Animals

4. Monsters

5. Celebrities

Quebecers, on average, will be spending $39 on a costume this Halloween. In total, however, the survey says the typical Quebec resident will spend $67. We’re guessing the other $28 is going towards other Halloween essentials, like alcohol.

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