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The Top Valentine's Day Destinations For Every Major City In Canada Have Been Revealed And Toronto Has No Imagination

Are you travelling to any of these destinations?
The Top Valentine's Day Destinations For Every Major City In Canada Have Been Revealed And Toronto Has No Imagination

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be planning to take your special someone on a mini-vacation to get away from the city for some romantic R&R. 

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TL;DR Leading travel search engine, Kayak, has come up with a list of the top Valentine's Day travel destinations for residents in each major Canadian city. The list is pretty predictable and cliché. To check it out, read below.

With all of the possible choices and destinations to pick from, it isn't easy to plan that "perfect" holiday all by yourself. How much easier it would be if you were able to see where everyone else around you was travelling to?

Well, now you can.

Kayak, the world's leading travel search engine, has comprised a list of the most popular Valentine's Day destinations for residents of each major Canadian city. Honestly, the list is pretty cliché.

But maybe you do need a typical vacation that you can count on being amazing and super romantic. 

For all of those Canadian couples stuck on where to travel for their romantic escape, here's the official list of top destinations Canadians travel to for Valentine's Day, courtesy of Kayak.


  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Cancun
  • Paris


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  • Vancouver
  • New York City
  • Fort Lauderdale


  • Las Vegas
  • Vancouver
  • Phoenix


  • Las Vegas
  • Toronto
  • Puerto Vallarta


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  • New Delhi
  • Los Angeles
  • Tokyo

Like I said, the list is a bit predictable, but what did you expect? Vancouver travels to other cities that are just a bigger version of Vancouver, Montrealers travel anywhere that is either super hot or speaks French, and Toronto takes the most "adventurous" leap by travelling to... Vancouver.

At least now that you know where all of your friends and family will be travelling this year, you don't have to stress over your Valentine's Day retreat. Whether you follow the lead of other Canadians or come up with a completely new travel plan, anything is better than staying at home this year during Canada's winter madness.

For more information and to plan your next trip, visit Kayak HERE.

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