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The Toronto Maple Leafs Ranked #1 Worst Sports Franchise In North America

Photo cred - Vince Talotta for The Toronto Star

Anytime anyone from Toronto tries to start a hockey debate with you, and claims that not only are the Leafs better than the Habs, they're actually the best team in existence, simply quote this in-depth study performed by ESPN that pretty much says the Toronto Maple Leafs are the worst sports team in all of North America.

ESPN, using teams from all the major sports divisions (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) ranked 122 teams from best to worst using scores taken from 8 different categories. Affordability, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, quality of stadium, wins in last year vs. fans dollars spent, and number of titles won/expected to be won were all broken down and averaged out, with the Leafs having the lowest collective score, ranking 122nd/dead last.

On the Habs side of things, Montreal's favourite team ranked 55th on the list, which is a respectable placement, and not nearly as embarrassing as Toronto's. The Habs' worst score came from affordability (tickets, parking, concessions) ranking 100th, which is no surprise to anyone who attends a home game at the Bell Centre.

To get a full breakdown on ESPN's Ultimate Team rankings system, so you can destroy any Torontonian in a hockey debate, head over to the study here. Kudos to TSN's BarDown for pointing this magnificent tidbit of information in our direction.

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