The Toronto Raptors Have Lost Game 5 Of The NBA Finals

After a long and stressful game, the Toronto Raptors have lost game 5 of the NBA finals.

The Raptors were behind for most of the game but managed to tie things up with only a few minutes left.

In the end the Raptors lost by a single point!

The final score was 106 -105 for the Golden State Warriors. This brings the series to 3-2 which means we are forced to go to game 6

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The next game will be on Thursday the 13th of June at 9:00pm.

Here in Montreal, there was a huge viewing party on Peel St. No word on if they'll set it up again for the next game. 

It's bound to be an exciting night, especially because the Raptors no longer have that nice big lead. That means things are going to be even more stressful than they were tonight.

If the Raptors win, they will be the first Canadian team to win a home title in 26 years. Not just in basketball, but in hockey and in baseball as well.

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To put things into perspective, 26 years ago the song "What is Love" by Haddaway was playing on the radio.