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The Truth Behind Montreal's Streets Names

It all makes sense now.
The Truth Behind Montreal's Streets Names

Montreal is sometimes called the 'City of Saints,' in large part due to the many streets seemingly named after holy blokes. But who are these saints, and are Montreal's streets really named after canonized individuals? For a large number of streets, the answer is no. St. Urbain, St Paul, St. Elizabeth, and many others are actually named after influential or wealthy people from Montreal's early history, and not stars of the Church. Why? Well, basically, the early architect of Montreal saw fit to name streets after his friends, rather than real saints. Check out the video below, from web series Only In Montreal, for a lesson in the city's street-history.

Surprised? Has you entire conception of Montreal been shaken to its core? Does the legtimacey of Saint-streets not matter at all? Let us know what you think about faux-saint streets in the comments below.

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