The Ultimate Mont-Royal Street Bar Crawl

Key spots only.
The Ultimate Mont-Royal Street Bar Crawl

There are only a handful of streets in Montreal that are truly known for their amazing nightlife.  Mont-Royal Street is definitely one of them.

Not only is this street home to some amazing cafes and restaurants, but someincredibly fun bars, pub, and yes - clubs.  You heard me right, there are clubs on streets other than Cresent and Saint-Laurent.

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The number one rule of thumb when planning a bar crawl is keep it simple.  All the spots should be within an easy walking distance from one another. Because cabbing around the city is exhausting, not to mention -expensive AF.

So - we've planned your Mont-Royal evening for you. Start on Mont-Royal East for some cheap food and drinks and as the evening fun escalates slowly head West. This boozing trajectory is a guaranteed good time.

1. L'entrepot Mont-Royal

Where: 1019 Mont-Royal Ave

First stop: Starting on Mont-Royal East and working your way West, L'entrepot is the perfect spot to kick-off a night of drinking. Because you'll need plenty of padding in the stomach for the hours ahead. Enjoy a menu of reasonably priced items like burgers, wings, and tacos - not to mention, a long menu of colorful cocktails that will give you the perfect little buzz to get the night off on the right foot.


2. Taverne Saint- Sacrament

Where: 775 Mont-Royal Ave E

Second stop: Now that your belly is full and you've sipped on a few warm-up beverages, it's time to head out to an actual bar. Saint Sacrament is an intimate resto/bar/pub, but it gets pretty lit after 11PM on weekends. After the kitchen closes, they turn into a full-blown bar. It's got a chill party vibe that's perfect to fill the 11-midnight time slot. It doesn't get too wild though, so you can actually talk. The best part: there is no cover and there's almost always specials on shots and drinks.


3. Fitzroy

Where: 551 Mont-Royal Ave

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Third spot: By now you're a couple drinks deep. The liquid courage you've been slowly absorbing is finally hitting your brain cells, and suddenly -you've transformed into the beautiful social butterfly you truly are. Time to make some friends! Fitzroy is the perfect spot to meet new people. The bar is full of pool tables and tons of arcade games. Perfect ice breakers. This spot is popular and gets crazy busy after midnight, so try to get there before to avoid a lineup.


4. Rockette Bar

Where: 4479 St Denis Street

Fourth stop: Time stands still when drunkenly mingling with beautiful new faces, at this point though - it's already around 2 am. Grab your new friends and head to a dance floor. Because now you've hit your maximum alcohol intake, and it's time to release that energy. Rockette bar is the perfect spot to dance like no ones watching. Because no one is. They're all busy writhing their own sweaty bodies to a steady stream of 80s and 90s classic rock and new-wave hits. Just can't get enough.


4. Le Salon Doamé (alternative option)

Where: 141 Mont-Royal Ave E

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Alternative fourth stop: If rock music isn't your thing, here is another option. Salon Daomé has been around a long time, and for good reason. The intimate yet energetic vibe of this Mont-Royal club has brought around some of the biggest names in electronic and house music. This is the perfect club if you prefer bobbing your body around to smooth computer sounds.


5. La Banquise

Where: 994 Rue Rachel E

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Fifth spot: Because a real night out on the town is not complete without some greasy-ass food at the end of the night. Your body will thank you in the morning, too. Stumble down the street a few minutes to Avenue Rachel East to sample some of the finest poutine in the city. La Banquise is open 24-hours a day. As you can imagine popularity peaks at 3am, so a pro-tip is to either get there a little before, or after for the speediest service.


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