The Ultimate Poutine Bucketlist Every Montrealer Needs To Conquer

The best way to prove your love for the city's best dish.

Alright, if you've been in Montreal for any length of time, then you know one thing: poutine is everywhere.

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But if you're not 100% sure about which poutines you absolutely need to try ASAP, then no worries. That's exactly what I'm here for.

1. Ma Poule Mouillée's Portuguese Poutine

A photo posted by Jose Padilla (@mr.padilla33) on

969 Rachel St E

Imagine chunks of Ma Poule's delicious Portuguese chicken and chorizo... except on a poutine. Sounds like heaven? That's because it is.


2. Maam Bolduc's Bourguignonne

A photo posted by Steven Andresen (@standresen) on

4351 Avenue de Lorimier

Wine sauce and minced meat? All. The. Yassssssssss.


3. La Banquise's La Taquise

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994 Rue Rachel E

Sour cream, guacamole, and chunks of tomato come together to make your poutine experience something you'll never forget.


4. Paulo Et Suzanne's Philly Bomb

A photo posted by Will Travel for Food (@mayssamaha) on

5501 Boul Gouin O

Imagine all the best ingredients - philly steak, Italian sausage, peppers and onions - all coming together for one seriously legit poutine dish.


5. La P'tite Grosse's Meatball Poutine

A photo posted by Déborah - 24 - ?? (@deborah.gnr) on

1232 Rue de la Montagne

A poutine with a giant meatball on top? Awesome. A poutine with a giant meatball stuffed with cheese on top? Even better! And available at La P'tite Grosse.


6. Decarie Hot Dog's Poutine

A photo posted by a_killerb (@a_killerb) on

953 Boulevard Décarie

One of Montreal's most classic poutines, your poutine life isn't even close to complete if you haven't tried the famous dish here.


7. Mache's Hommage A Quebec

A photo posted by Miranda ✌?️?? (@ciaomiranda12) on

1655 Rue Saint-Denis

A cute comfort food restaurant serving up a handful of awesome poutine options, their Hommage A Quebec is filled with all the best stuff, TBH.


8. Shawarmaz's Magic Poutine

A photo posted by Victoria Nguyen ? (@victoriousnotorious) on

1206 Rue Peel

Chicken, beef, and garlic potatoes all combine to make a seriously unforgettable poutine.


9. Dirty Dogs' Mac & Cheese Poutine

A photo posted by Alexie Maheu-Bourassa (@alexiemb) on

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

I don't even have to tell you how awesome this one is: with bacon, mac and cheese, and onions piled high on top of a seriously cheesy and delicious poutine, it's no wonder this one is so popular.


10. Lafayette's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by chowdownYYZ (@chowdownyyz) on

1874 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: the poutine sauce at Lafayette is second to none, and although everything about their poutine is on point, it's the sauce that'll leave you coming back for more.


11. Jukebox Burgers' Meat Lovers Poutine

A photo posted by Karine Filion ?✨?? (@ka_ribou) on

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Although Jukebox Burgers is home to some amazing poutines (like their creamy, yummy mac and cheese poutine!) their meatlovers - with an abundance of beef, hot dogs, bacon, and more - takes the cake, TBH.


12. Chez Claudette's Pogo Poutine

A photo posted by Jamie Peng (@yummypotroast) on

351 Avenue Laurier E

Chez Claudette is known for being one seriously awesome poutine house in Montreal, and with good reason. All their dishes are delicious, but their classic poutine with Pogos added in really shines.


13. Mange-Moi's Three Cheese Poutine

A photo posted by Miranda ✌?️?? (@ciaomiranda12) on

35 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Cheese lovers, rejoice. This extra cheesy and tasty poutine is exactly what you've been missing in your life.


14. Montreal Pool Room's Poutine

A photo posted by Jarred (@jarredk514) on

1217 Boul St-Laurent

Honestly, if you've never eaten at Pool Room, stop what you're doing and get yourself there - like, right now. And while you're there, make sure you grab one of their perfect poutines.


15. Jerry Ferrer's La Poutine A Jerry

A photo posted by @mok_be on

1083 Côte du Beaver Hall,

Foie gras poutine with homemade sauce, cream, and mushrooms? Oh, did you mean literal heaven?


16. Greenspot's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by G to the Risso (@muaymuto) on

3041 Rue Notre-Dame O

This St. Henri spot is actual bae. Honestly, I don't know if it's the oldschool, welcoming feel or the over the top delicious poutines that makes Greenspot so awesome. Scratch that, actually: it's a perfect combo of everything.


17. Schwartz's Smoked Meat Poutine

A photo posted by Gilby Gilbert (@wheres_gilby) on

3895 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, honestly, you can't be in Montreal without at least trying Schwartz's once. And if poutine is your life, then you know exactly what you need to try.


18. Patati Patata's Classic Poutine

A photo posted by Laura Murray (@laurashoots) on

4177 Boul St-Laurent

A Montreal institution, Patati Patata's poutine is something you absolutely need to try at least twice in your life.


19. Comptoir 21's Poutine

A photo posted by dan_fb (@dan_fb) on

414 Rue Gilford

This fish and chips restaurant serves up one of the tastiest poutines in the city. All the ingredients are fresh and delicious, and the cheese curds just might be what dreams are made of.


20. Paul Patates' Regular Poutine

A photo posted by Tron Jeremy (@trontelljordan) on

2606 Rue de Coleraine

This classic Montreal poutine stop has been around forever, and if you've ever been, then you know exactly why: the poutines are above and beyond awesome.


21. Patate Rouge's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by @bfoakq on

755 Boul Crémazie E

Located on Cremazie, this might be out of the way for some people - but trust me when I say you need to get yourself here and try one of their delicious, classic poutines, ASAP.


22. Poutine Centrale's Breakfast Poutine

A photo posted by Sonya Kondratenko (@sonyakarate) on

3971 Rue Hochelaga

Oh yes, friends. Although Poutine Centrale has tons of tasty poutine options, their breakfast poutine - with bacon and eggs on top - is sure to make your whole day.


23. Garde-Manger's Lobster Poutine

A photo posted by LE GARDE-MANGER & LE BREMNER (@crownsalts) on

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

One of Montreal's most popular restaurants also serves Montreal's most popular dish, with the added benefit of a whole 'lotta tasty lobster.


24. Orange Julep's Poutine

A photo posted by Greg Miller (@gameovergreggy) on

7700 Boulevard Décarie

This Montreal landmark absolutely has to be on your bucketlest of poutine places to check out. Their gravy is thick and tasty, fries are crisp and fresh, and their cheese curds are literally the squeakiest.


25. Lafleur's Regular Poutine

A photo posted by Dan Spector (@dspec) on

10800 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse

A classic Montreal spot, a classic Quebec dish; where could you possibly go wrong?


26. Jarry Smoked Meat's Smoked Meat Poutine

A photo posted by julia ? (@julianuro) on

6549 Rue Jarry E

I consider this to be a classic in Montreal. A delicious poutine, literally covered in chunks of the East End's most popular smoked meat restaurant? All the yesses.


27. Le Gras Dur's Touski Poutine

A photo posted by Bradley Javiniar (@mugenrakkun) on

1660 Rue Jarry E

Braised cabbage, sausage, and breaded chicken piled high on top of an already delicious poutine? Um. Yes. Please.


28. GaNaDaRa's Cream Tobokki Poutine

A photo posted by S.D. (@sdao67) on

1862 Maisonneuve Blvd W

If you try one "fusion" poutine in Montreal, make sure you try this one. Cheese, fries, bacon, cream, mushrooms, and Korean tobokki come together to create one seriously beautiful meal.


29. Pub Brouhaha's Galvaude

A photo posted by Jean-Philippe Brault (@jpro_brault) on

5860 Avenue de Lorimier,

Served with peas and duck, this poutine takes the classic Quebec "galvaude" poutine dish to a whole other level.


30. Pitarifique's Classic Poutine

A photo posted by Tiffany Namtu (@tiffaneyney) on

4160 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Pitarifique's classic poutine is a true gem, to be honest. If you've never tried it, get yourself there right TF now, and prepare for some seriously good meal vibes.


31. Gonzo Cafe's Breakfast Poutine

A photo posted by Julie Kelechian (@juliekelechian) on

919 Avenue Duluth E

Yes, the breakfast poutine here is that good. Served up cheesy and hot, and with an egg cracked on top, this breakfast poutine will brighten up your whole day.


32. La Banquise's Classic Poutine

A photo posted by WAKABA (@yanly_6) on

994 Rue Rachel E

Because even though Banquise offers a whole bunch of awesome poutines, nothing beats their hot and fresh classic.


33. MLT DWN's Waffle Fry Poutine

A photo posted by Alison Tellos (@alisontel) on

837 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Literally, the waffle fry poutine here is live. Get some cheesey, delicious vibes on the side with one of Mlt Dwn's signature beyond delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.


35. Resto Du Village's Classic Poutine

A photo posted by Rachael (@rachaelaporras) on

1310 Wolfe St

This 24/7 spot is super well known for having some seriously awesome food - and their poutines are no different. Although they have many flavours, their cheesy, tasty classic remains a true star.


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