The Ultimate Student Guide To Fall 2014 In Montreal

Get to know the real city you love though.
The Ultimate Student Guide To Fall 2014 In Montreal

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When it comes to nightlife, food, and cultural events, no other city in Canada comes to close Montreal's abundance in all three categories. Hell, given the city's size, Montreal may be the most jam packed city in North America when it comes to places to go out, eat, and generally have an amazing time. The sheer number of bars, clubs, and events can be a little daunting, but Allô Montréal has you covered.

New students flock to Montreal every year, most without any prior knowledge of the city, and that's who Allô Montréal is looking out for, but not exclusively. Allô Montréal is geared towards young people of every walk of life, and is designed to get you where you want to be in the city.

In essence, Allô Montréal is like a guidebook to Montreal's best spots. Think of it like this: Montreal is a video game, and Allô Montréal has all the cheat codes, getting you to the end of the level where you can reap the rewards of amazing food, cheap-yet-amazing bars, or whatever else fits your fancy.

Touching an all aspects of 20-something life in Montreal, Allô Montréal has a list for whatever you may need. Want to know where the best place for brunch is to recover from your hangover? Covered. Want a bar that's affordable and fun enough to create said hangover? Done. Need a place to study to justify all the food and fun? That's in there too.

Created by ex-university students, the authors of Allô Montréal understand the student struggle, so rest assured almost all of the featured content will apply to your daily life. Adding even more cred to their content is the fact that many of our own Best of Montreal's are included in the guidebook, meaning you'll have our advice too, for better or for worse.

To top it all off, Allô Montréal is entirely free. Yes, that's right, a go-to resource for all things Montreal has to offer for zero charge. You can find the guide on-campus, if you haven't received one already, and also at metro stations, shopping centers, or wherever students are found.

Get all the info at Allô Montréal's FB page.

Or come and pick up your FREE copy at the MTL Blog office located at 3527 Saint-Laurent Street.

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