The US Accuses Canada Of Falsifying Its Pollution Data

Tensions continue to rise.
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The US Accuses Canada Of Falsifying Its Pollution Data

Canadians take extraordinary pride in their natural treasures. The Canadian landscape is among the most diverse and expansive in the world. 

That's why Canada also has some of the most progressive environmental regulations in the world. The country touts itself as a global leader in climate change policy. Canada's environmentalism is especially striking in contrast to the current, regressive policies of its southern neighbour.

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The United States and Canada are stiff competitors when it comes to the beauty of their natural landscapes. 

That might explain why U.S. officials are accusing Canada of falsifying its pollution data. 

The American members of a joint task force charged with studying the waterways that pass between Canada and United States released claims yesterday that the Canadian government is covering up dangerous coal emissions in British Columbia.

Despite movements away from coal energy, coal mines still line the Elk Valley in the westernmost province. Waste from the mines flows into rivers and lakes that cross the U.S./Canada border.

The U.S. officials are particularly concerned with the substance selenium, which can produce physical deformities if consumed. 

If Canada is artificially lowering emission levels in reports, it would be violating environmental treaties.

This development is sure to make worse already tense relations between the U.S. and Canada. It should only be a matter of time before president Trump accuses Canada of poisoning American waters...

Stay tuned.


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