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The U.S. Border Agency Has Given Back The $500,000 They Took From A Canadian Family

With tensions rising between Canada and the United States, the border between the two countries, the longest in the world, has been the site where mutual antagonism plays out.

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Trump's more aggressive border policies have also targeted Canada. The U.S. is banning for life Canadians who have had any association with cannabis, border agents are conducting incursions into Canada-claimed waters, and officials have established checkpoints to catch foreigners in the New England interior.

One story that caught national attention was that of a Canadian family who had a huge sum of money confiscated by American border agents.

The family was attempting to send $500,000 from the estate of a dead relative to beneficiaries in the United States. They sent blank cheques through the mail but failed to declare that they were transfering an amount greater than $10,000. As a result, the entire sum ended up in the hands of American officials.

After massive outcry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency finally relented. The original confiscation was entirely justified according to U.S. law, but the incident hit a nerve among a Canadian public already exasperated by Trump's border tactics and general contempt for all things Canadian. 

The story is only further proof that Canadians should be wary of crossing the United States border. One Canadian non-profit even published a handbook for Canadians who fear their electronic devices could be taken by American border agents.

Be safe and stay smart.


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