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The U.S. Border Patrol Posted A Potentially Threatening Social Media Comment After Marijuana Legalization In Canada

Recreational marijuana legalization day was welcomed with great fanfare in Canada.

Thousands of people across the country lined up for hours to get their first sample of the now-legal popular drug.

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TL;DR On October 17th, the CBP tweeted a link to the television show Drug Wars with the caption "Watch #DrugWars tonight to see how #CBP officers catch smugglers attempting to bring drugs across the border."

The mood of the day was one of excitement mixed with apprehension. No one really knew what to expect.

Thankfully, the day went pretty smoothly. Though licensed dispensaries across the country are already running out of product.

But looming over this success was widespread concern about an impending response from American authorities.

Canadians held their breath as they waited for a potential response from U.S. law enforcement agencies, and maybe even Donald Trump, himself.

But there was only silence.

Or so it seemed.

The agency that has so far been the most vocal about its opposition to cannabis legalization in Canada is undoubtedly the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service.

The CBP has issued warning after warning to Canadian cannabis-enthusiasts about transporting marijuana into the United States. Canadians who admit to ever consuming the drug to U.S. border agents may even face lifetime entry bans.

So when legalization day finally arrived, a reaction from the CBP seemed inevitable.

But instead of an official statement, the CBP tweeted this:

Watch #DrugWars tonight to see how #CBP officers catch smugglers attempting to bring drugs across the border.

October 17, 2018

That may seem innocuous, but consider the context.

Drug Wars is an American show that follows law enforcement agents as they attempt to stop the illegal flow of drugs into the country.

But, despite its relevance to the show, the CBP has only twice tweeted about Drug Wars within the past year: once on October 3rd and then again on October 17th.

The Tweet may be read as a veiled warning to Canadians who now have easy access to cannabis.

Indeed, despite the best efforts of the CBP, it is now easier than ever for Canadians to illegally bring marijuana into the United States. Travelling Americans can now also purchase the drug illegally in Canada and smuggle it home across the border.

The preview that the CBP shared includes a voiceover from an officer who informs that viewer that "anywhere that you would think that you could hide any kind of item that you try to get across... it's been found."

It could just be coincidence that the CBP decided to share Drug Wars with its Twitter audience. But that seems unlikely.

Canadians should expect more action from the CBP in the coming weeks. If any Canadian is stopped for attempting to bring cannabis across the border, you can bet the CBP will publicize the incident.

Stay tuned.

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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