The U.S. Is Accusing Canada Of Threatening Its National Security

Our southern neighbour has launched an official complaint at the UN
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The U.S. Is Accusing Canada Of Threatening Its National Security

The Trump administration seems intent to undermine Canada in any way it can.

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Tariffs on steel and aluminum threaten to cripple the Canadian economy. Many Canadians, especially those associated with the new recreational marijuana industry, are experiencing tough interrogations at the U.S-Canada border. Earlier this month, news broke that the American border patrol is executing raids into soveriegn Canadian waters off the coast of New Brunswick.

This escalation in relations, of course, will inevitably affect Canada more than the United States. The U.S. is both Canada's largest export and import market, and around 90% of the Canadian population lives within two hundred kilometres of the border.

So it is especially concerning that U.S. officials now view Canada as a threat.

In a formal complaint filed at the World Trade Organization (WTO) this week, the U.S. calls Canadian retaliatory tariffs "completely without justification under international rules," despite the Trump administration's own levies against Canadian goods, which the complaint describes as "wholly justified."

The letter accuses Canada of undermining American "national security interests." U.S. representatives at the WTO hope the international agency will back the Trump administration agenda. 

This new complaint comes just days after the NATO summit, where Trump berated American allies for what he perceives as their lack of military and economic support. Days later, Trump met with Russian president Vladimir Putin, an act many in the United States have labelled as treasonous.

It seems Trump is distancing his closest partners while cozying up to belligerent dictators.

Stay tuned.


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