The U.S. Is Banning Canadians Who Smoke Marijuana For Life

We're boycotting American destinations anyway, right?
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The U.S. Is Banning Canadians Who Smoke Marijuana For Life

In case you haven't noticed, the U.S. is super insecure about its borders, especially under the Trump administration.

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Human rights abuses at the U.S. border with Mexico made international headlines last month. This month, several outlets reported that the American border patrol agency has been conducting incursions into Canadian-claimed waters off the coast of Maine and New Brunswick.

Escalating tensions between the U.S. and Canada, once the closest of allies, haven't helped the situation. President Trump's attacks on the Canadian people and economy, and threats to impose crippling tariffs, have sparked a bitter rivalry between the two peoples. Canadians have already organized a massive boycott of American goods.

The impending legalization of marijuana in Canada will only further exacerbate the strained relations. As the burgeoning industry prepares to go mainstream by the fall, the U.S., particularly republicans, still view the drug with skepticism.

That's why U.S. border agents are delivering harsh punishments to Canadians with any history with marijuana. We already knew that admission of weed consumption at the border would force American officials to deny Canadians entry. But now U.S. authorities have upped the a lifetime ban.

According to The Star Vancouver, marijuana consumption is considered unacceptable to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. Canadians who partake in any way in marijuana marketing and distribution are especially likely to receive lifetime bans.

Once marijuana becomes legal in the fall, the number of Canadians who work with or use recreational marijuana is going to skyrocket. Provincial distribution centres, alone, will employ thousands of people. How the U.S. plans to enforce such bans after legalization is unkown.

The Trump administration will undoubtedly concoct new sneaky ways to catch Canadian weed-smokers. Stay alert.

In the meantime, definitely delete any evidence of contact with marijuana from your phone. U.S. officials have the right to seize and search Canadians' cellphones without a warrant.


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