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The "Vaportini" Will Get You Wasted Calorie-Free

The newest way to drink your drank.
The "Vaportini" Will Get You Wasted Calorie-Free

Need an easier way of consuming your alcohol, one that won't increase your waistline? Skinny bitches rejoice because the Vaportini is here. Allowing you to literally inhale the alcohol of your choice, the Vaportini promises to be an effective, fun, and calorie-free method of drinking.

Basicaly a large glass with a candle inside and spherical container, the Vaportini works by heating up alcohol enough so that it vaporizes into the air. Alcohol is kept inside the clear sphere container, heated by a candle's heat, and the alcoholic air vapor is trapped within for you to breathe in with a straw. Inspired by a vodka sauna, take a look at the Vaportini in action.

A pretty cool concept, especially for those with a diet in mind. Priced at only $30, the Vaportini won't make you broke either. If you can't wait to try an aerated martini, order your own Vaportini at the official website.

Legitimate drinking accessory or silly gimmick? Let us know your thoughts on the Vaportini in the comments below.

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