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The Vast Majority Of People In Canada Don't Meet The Basic Qualifications To Work For The Federal Government

According to one of Statistics Canada's most recent censuses, the percentage of Canadians that are bilingual is quite small. Only 17.9% of Canadians claim to speak both French and English. 

Now, when it comes to getting a job at the federal government, most of these positions require that applicants be fluent in both official languages. This criteria applies to big titles such as prime minister and Supreme Court Justice, but also to many other bureaucratic positions at federal level. In fact, 43% of federal positions require bilingualism.

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TL;DR  Almost half of jobs at the Federal Government of Canada require applicants to speak Canada's official languages fluently. As a result, only 17% of Canadians are qualified to apply for these jobs, most of these potential applicants reside in Quebec. If you are bilingual, take advantage of this and check out the thousands of jobs available on the government of Canada's job site today!

With that said, this means that a HUGE chunk of Canadians are not qualified to work for the federal government. 82% of the Canadians that are not English/French bilingual can never occupy those roles.

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The majority of the bilingual population resides in Quebec and New Brunswick. This is good news for us over here in la belle province. If you're looking for a job, you already have a huge leg up on the competition just by virtue of being fluent in English and French.

The federal government is constantly hiring for thousands of positions; currently there are 85K positions open at the federal level across different agencies, fields, and areas of expertise — in other words, they are not all jobs related to politics.

For example, as you can see in the Tweet below, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), similar to the CIA in the United States, is always hiring for new and exciting positions. This government agency requires bilinguliasm for most roles. 

Our IT professionals work with military grade encryption. Sound interesting? Find out more at our IT #CSISJobs event in #Montreal

October 22, 2018

The government of Canada even has a section of their "jobs" site that is dedicated to "young and student employement" for the hiring and training of young graduates. 

For the full list of federal government departments and agencies that are currently hiring click HERE


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