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The Very First “Avengers 2” Official Movie Trailer Is Here

They are back and ready to attack.
The Very First “Avengers 2” Official Movie Trailer Is Here

Comic book nerds and regular folk alike will be truly excited to see the very first trailer of Joss Whedon's sequel to the marvel epic, The Avengers. Even if you have no idea who Ultron is (or why he would have a whole 'age' devoted to him) you know you'll go see the film for sass-tacular Downey Jr./Tony Stark, the zenith of human beauty that are ScarJo + the two Chris's, and Hawkeye, you know, shooting stuff.

Set to release next May in Canada, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" will pick up where the Marvel cinematic universe has left off, not quite right after the first film, but following all the events that have taken place in each superhero's respective franchises. You may want to go watch the latest Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor films to be all caught up, though an intro recap will likely be there to help.

Always a skeptic of any hero movie, even when Whedon is behind the helm, I can say that, even though the trailer is only 2 minutes long, it's 120 seconds of epic awesomeness. You'll finally get to catch glimpses of super (but not wonder) twins Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch, the robotic Ultron, and Hulk battling a giant Hulk-buster Iron Man armour. Screw the explanation, just watch it below:

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