The Very First Look Inside Of Montreal's Cat Café MTL On Saint Denis Street

Photo cred - Mother Nature Network

Once news hit that Montreal would be the home of North America's first cat cafe, eyebrows were raised in interest, excitement, and speculation. How are adorable, yet furry, cats going to be part of a coffee shop? We had some answers before, but now we have footage straight from the source, thanks to the Inside Cat Café Mtl with VOX POP video below.

Entirely bilingual, the video is in French w/English subtitles (and vice versa at certain moments) and answers a lot of the questions you've probably been wondering about. The actual interior doesn't get a lot of screentime, but we didn't notice any intense repairs going on, making us hopeful that a July opening date is still in the works.

To commemorate their imminent opening, Cat Café MTL is having a "Feline Card" promotion, which will get you 50% off all your coffee at the cafe, as well as invitations to special events. Get more details by contacting CCMTL ( or 514-965-2138) or pop by in person at 3435 St. Denis.

Learn more about Cat Café MTL in the video below.

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