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The Waffle Espresso Cup Is The Sweetest Way To Wake You Up

Thinking outside the cup.

Photo cred - alfredcoffee

Your morning coffee is already your daily saviour, the only thing that can help you through the hardship that is waking up and going to work/school. It's hard to imagine how your daily (or hourly) dose of caffeine could get any better. One LA coffee chop found a way, a delicious one at that, and it involves waffles. God bless.

Kept on a secret menu, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles began selling their very own edible waffle coffee cups, which customers needed to specially order. To get an espresso in a triple dipped in chocolate waffle cup, you gotta ask for an "Alfred cone" and you'll soon be sipping out of the sweetest of containers.

Able to house an espresso or macchiato, the Alfred cone looks like a sinfully sweet way to change up your morning coffee routine. The taste of the espresso probably won't change much (save for some melted chocolate getting in there, which sounds amazing) but when you're done, you'll have a coffee-soaked waffle to eat. Goodbye bitter espresso breath, hello morning treat.

Photo cred - alfredcoffee

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