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The Waffle Grilled Cheese & Fried Chicken Sandwich Is An Assault On Your Will Power To Eat healthy

You will cheat on your diet.
The Waffle Grilled Cheese & Fried Chicken Sandwich Is An Assault On Your Will Power To Eat healthy

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In case you didn't know, November is Grilled Cheese Month in Montreal. Seems like something we'd just make up and say, though it was actually two seperate Montreal resto's (Le Cheese & L'Gros Luxe) who deemed November the month of grilled cheese, and we're totally going along with the declaration. To celebrate the cheesiest month of the year in a brand new and artery clogging way, with the Fried Chicken and Waffle Grilled Cheese by

Adorably titled "The Fry Baby," Grilled Cheese Social's new creation features two Belgium waffles, smoked Applewood Fontina cheese, grilled okra, fried chicken breast, pickled cherries, and a bit of ranch dressing for 'dat creaminess. Not only is that the most enticing ingredient list we've seen in recent memory, we have to say, Grilled Cheese Social is the coolest name for a website. Actually though, there should be a Montreal bar by the same name.

The Fry Baby comes together pretty much how you'd think a grilled cheese would, though we're going to show you the step-by-step photos anyway, because the process is poetry in motion. Well, not motion, because they are still images, but you get what I'm saying.

See the birthing process of The Fry Baby in the pics below, and be sure to head over to the original recipe here.

First, cheese up your waffles. Don't skimp on that fromage, not that you would.

Throw on your crispy fried chicken. Now we're getting started.

Lather up your chicken with some ranch sauce, then top with the pickled cherries.

The final addition: the grilled okra, for some classic southern flair.

Top it all off with the second waffle. We're nearly there.

Put the 'grilled' in grilled cheese and, you know, grill the thang. Or just use a panini press, same diff.

And now... time to eat...!!!

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