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The Weather Is Going To Be Miserable Across Canada In June

Rain, thunderstorms, and even snow!
The Weather Is Going To Be Miserable Across Canada In June

Canada is in for a bit of a ride this month! 

May was a little hit and miss for weather, but when it was a hit - it hit hard. The past couple days in Montreal we saw temperatures reaching up to +29, and that was just lovely. 

Everyone has gotten their AC units in the windows, and we're basking in the summer sun - even if it is only Spring! 

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Southern Canada saw summer-like temperatures right across the board, with western Canada taking the brunt of it with very hot days throughout May. 

Via The Weather Network

Honestly, I have friends spread out throughout Western Canada, and my timeline was just lit with people celebrating the sunshine and hot spring days. Some of these people were also complaining about it, already! 

I know, right? Canadians - give them cold, they want the heat. Give them heat, they want the cold. We just can't be satisfied! 

This weekend across Canada, however, we're about to enter a bit of a cooler snap in our weather.

Via The Weather Network

Temperatures averaging just below 20 across Canada, with some cities and provinces in the more northern regions seeing daily highs of under +10 degrees.

It seems as though the sudden arrival of summertime weather was temporary, and now summer wants to take a quick spring break of its own throughout the month of June.

The cooler weather seen in western Canada is expected to head east slowly, but surely, over the weekend. Montreal's current forecast predicts next week will be relatively cooler, and we can expect a few solid days of rain and potential thunderstorms - including today. 

We will likely see a thunderstorm today. Currently, the temperature outside is +31 degrees (real feel) and its humid as all hell! I feel a storm coming. 

Via The Weather Network

Though Montreal is expecting some rain today and throughout the coming week, western Canada can expect a lot more. 

In fact, The Weather Network is predicting western Canada will receive a full month's worth of rain in just 10 short days! 

This will be great for the provinces experiencing a bit of a drought right now. Forest fire season is upon us and the dry, hot days seen in May do not help. 

Via The Weather Network

Additionally, some of the regions expecting all this rain (see below) could potentially get some snow as the sun goes down and the precipitation holds strong with the cooler temperatures. 

Now this isn't so likely, but it was mentioned as being a possibility - more so for the northern region of western Canada and heavy rain areas overnight.

Via The Weather Network

Heading into the weeks in mid-June, the summer temperatures start to come back - sort of. 

Think of it this way, the summer temperatures took a spring break from Canada - they're trying to come back to us, but their travels are delayed due to storms and rain. 

Via The Weather Network

We will see temperatures reaching closer to 20 or above, if only briefly, before the cooler weather comes in again and spreads a bit towards the Great Lakes regions. 

Looking at these forecast maps, though, I immediately notice that Montreal's forecast holds strong at a solid +21 degrees through most of this. While we should see some cooler temperatures, the weather to me should feel like a nice spring temperature. 

By the end of June, the heat will return and we will be back at temperatures in the mid-to-higher 20s. 

It's like by the end of June, the summer hear finally returns across Canada. You know, when it is officially summer! That day is June 21st, in case you didn't know. 

So, keep yourself in the know this June and plan your time accordingly. Maybe bring an umbrella or raincoat. Kick back and enjoy the thunderstorms if/when they show up (they're still my favourite!). 

You can find more information on all the crazy weather expected across Canada right here. 

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