The Weeknd Has A "Starboy" Album Pop-Up Event Downtown Montreal Right Now

This is not a 'false alarm'.
The Weeknd Has A "Starboy" Album Pop-Up Event Downtown Montreal Right Now

You may already know by now, The Weeknd is coming to Montreal in May as part of the Starboy Tour.

And today is extra special, because it's also the day the the Starboy: Legend of the Fall album drops.

As you'll see below, the hype is already underway...

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This morning we spotted a huge pop-art installation to promote the Starboy Tour, and it's absolutely insane.

The installation features a Lincoln car that appear to have been crushed by a giant lightning bolt. The area is surrounded by yellow police tape and the floor is covered in broken glass.

There is a big sign that reads Starboy: The Weekend, and the car is actually rigged to blow out smoke.

The windows are all wide open and you can hear the Starboy album being played on the car's sound system.

One things' for sure, that's a hell of way to promote concert.

The Starboy Car is located in a parking lot at the corner of De Maisonneuve and De La Montagne.

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