The Weirdest And Most Cringeworthy Political Posters In Quebec Right Now

Some parties are trying wayyy too hard.
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The Weirdest And Most Cringeworthy Political Posters In Quebec Right Now

It's election season in Quebec!

In the run-up to the provincial election on October 1st, political parties are vying for power in the National Assembly. In the province with already the most progressive policies in Canada, parties have to be creative to grab the attention of voters.

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When those efforts focus on cool new initiatives, they can be pretty successful. Québec Solidaire's plan to add thrity-eight metro stations in the STM system, for example, was met with great fanfare online.

But when parties attempt to appear "cool" or "edgy" to ride a wave of online shares, things can get pretty embarrassing.

Such is the case this year. Parties desperately trying to improve their public image have released some pretty cringe-worthy posters.

Take a look at some of the weirdest that are currently circulating on social media:

The Quebec edition of the NDP is struggling to gain traction this year. That might be why they posted this truly haunting image. What should be a cute photo of a community banding together has become a creepy image of warped limbs against a black void. Actually terrifying. Someone even posted the image on the "CrappyDesign" Reddit community.

This post comes from Québec Solidaire. It's unclear what exactly is happening here. Why is a truck driving out of a box of hotdogs? Is the bus a hotdog? Where is it going? This seems like a strange way to advertise a summer tour.

This terrifying post comes from parti 51, the organization advocating for Quebec's absorption by the United States. One benefit highlighted by the party: the ability for Quebec to set its own firearm rules.

There is actually an active political party in Quebec for chefs. This is their official poster. The party advocates for a "gastronocracie."

Via Parti nul

The parti nul is calling on people to not vote at all! More specifically, they're asking voters to write in the party name to express their dissatisfaction with the current political system. This "poster" is actually hilarious.

This political party advocates for the lives of those without rigthts: plants and animals. This strange photo of a photo of a gorilla is the most prominent image featured by the party. Why a gorilla? Maybe they're trying to ride the Harambe outcry from two years ago?

The alliance provinciale du Québec is rightfully calling for more services for the oft-neglected elderly population in the province. In this poster, the party promises to provide bathtubs to seniors. It's truly odd.

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