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The West-Island Gym That Does Everything…Yes EVERYTHING!

Prepare to fall in love with fitness.
The West-Island Gym That Does Everything…Yes EVERYTHING!

Real talk?Working out is really important, but it can also be really tough to keep up with. Especially if your gym is just a box with machines, where people are more interested in snapping selfies than actually working on their fitness goals. Speaking from experience, here.

But what if I told you there was a fitness brand that's not only stunning to look at, but also overflowing with everything you need (and then some!) for the best workout of your life? Getting in shape all of a sudden seems a lot more attractive, no? (Protip: Yes, it absolutely does.)

Offering 360 state-of-the-art fitness and wellness facilities, with locations in Vaudreuil and Studio 462 in Hudson, with services including biosignature/biomechanical evaluations, personalized weight-loss and sports-specific training, a health bar and a full-service day spa all under one roof, Physical Park is does it all, friends.

Add to that a super-friendly and qualified staff, and what do you get? A gym experience that makes working out more like funning out (that's a word, right?).

Physical Park boasts some seriously amazing classes too, many of which would be difficult to find anywhere else. Like Yoga? Pick your practice (yin, ashtanga, hatha etc.). Looking for something a little more fun? Try pole fitness.

A high intensity cardio class? Spinning will get you there. Physical Park has even got Tabata bootcamp, aerial silks circus acrobatics, Zumba, a bustling squash league... the list goes on.

During the summer, Physical Park even organizes waterfront yoga at the Auberge Willow and other outdoor locations.

Oh, and the most important part?

Physical Park prides itself on its totally supportive and inclusive vibe that simply cannot be beat. Whether you're young or old, beginner or pro - the highly-trained staff are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals the right way, and on your terms. Through special workshops and events, discover their passion and excitement for fitness, so you can successfully achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Plus, there's even a super convenient app! That's right, friends. Check out new classes, book appointments, peep schedules, all from your smartphone, so you can take your fitness with you virtually everywhere you go.

No matter how you love to stay in shape, Physical Park literally does it all!

Check out Physical Park's website, Facebook Page, Instagram and blog to learn more about all the services.