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The Whale-Testicle Beer Montreal Never Knew It Needed

You too can drink like a viking.
The Whale-Testicle Beer Montreal Never Knew It Needed

Photo cred - VG

Much to the dismay of many conservation groups and activists, an Icelandic brewery is set to release their new Hvalur 2 beer made from, you read right, whale testicles.

Steðjar Brewery is preparing its limited-edition whale-testicle beer for the upcoming Thorrablot festival, a mid-winter event celebrating none other than everyone's favourite Norse god, the mighty Thor himself. Among the many ways Icelanders celebrate the god of thunder: eating ram testicles, rotten shark, and soured whale fat to make them strong like vikings.

As for the beer itself, the recipe calls for pure Icelandic water, malted barley, hops and "sheep shit-smoked whale balls", you know, for that extra smokey taste. Since Iceland has no trees,  this method of smoking has apparently been used for centuries.

This is not the first whale-based brew Steðjar Brewery has made either. There was a Hvalur 1, made from the meat, bones, and oil of endangered fin whales, which caused quite the stir with various environmentalist when it came out. Though Fin whales are considered an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature,  International Whaling Commission assesses the population status in the North Atlantic to be in a healthy state.

Despite all the controversy, Hvalur 2 is set to go on sale Jan. 23 and the brewery expects to sell 20,000 bottles, roughly equivalent to what Hvalur 1 did last year.

So what do you think? Is drinking whale-testicle beer the secret to possessing the power of Thor, or is this just a cocky (pun!) way of selling some suds?

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