This Canadian Pig Is Travelling The World And Making Money With Instagram

A Quebec pig has become a social media sensation.

Christopher, a miniature Vietnamese teacup pig, has 19,000 followers on Instagram, from all over the world, as well as growing FaceBook and YouTube pages.

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Since he was adopted by Brossard couple, Marilyne and Jonathan Duguay, he has had many adventures.

These include travels across North America, including destinations such as New York, Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec City, and the US state of Utah.

According to Jonathan, he loves to travel because each new destination comes with a new smell.

via @christopher_the_pig

In particular, Christopher was partial to New York City. He had his first taste of Time Square in October.

via @christopher_the_pig

Hardly surprising, as New York City is a city of smells.

This year, the couple have a more ambitious itinerary for the intrepid porker.

In March, the couple intend to travel to France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland with their travelling companion.

Now that's what I call a lucky pig.