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The Winter Wonderland Village In Ontario You Gotta Road Trip To This Holiday Season

A glowing, magical way you can celebrate this year.
The Winter Wonderland Village In Ontario You Gotta Road Trip To This Holiday Season

I think we can all agree on one thing, friends: the holidays are pure magic.

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There is something so, so awesome about the holiday spirit; the lights; and, yes, even the snow. Everything comes together to create an end-of-year experience that's legit the best.

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And although Montreal knows how to do the holidays so, so right, there are some spots out of town that are amazing to see around this time of year, too.

Like Niagara Falls, for their annual Winter Festival of Lights.

The Winter Festival of Lights takes place annually at Queen Victoria Park (Niagara Falls, ON), about a six hour drive out of the city.

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Which might seem like a little much for the perfect winter road trip, but trust me. The sights you'll see are way, way beyond worth it.

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According to its website, the festival spans eight kilometers and millions of lights, all making up displays, light and sound shows, 3D projections, illuminations, and more. Meaning that you're in for one seriously magical, unbelievable time, of course.

Ontario's Winter Festival of Lights is going down November 19 - January 31. Admission is free.

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Sound like the most fun you can have this season? Check out the Winter Festival of Lights' website for more information.

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