The World Famous 'Party Like Gatsby' Is Finally Coming To Montreal!

Get ready to party, old sport.
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The World Famous 'Party Like Gatsby' Is Finally Coming To Montreal!

F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is a masterpiece of American literature that has captured everyone's imagination since it was first released in 1925. In Montreal, we love the Great Gatsby. Finally, for the first time ever, Montreal is playing host to the world's biggest Great Gatsby themed party: 'Party Like Gatsby'! 

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TL;DR Montreal is finally hosting the world's biggest Great Gatsby themed party, May 17th at the Rialto Theatre.

'Party Like Gatsby' is an epic, world-famous party that spans 16 countries and has welcomed more than 60,000 guests. The Party features a 1920s theme and presents an immersive show that features circus performances, burlesque, live music, dancers, and DJs. With over 20 world-class performers coming to the Rialto Theatre in Montreal, this is the can't miss event of the spring. 

According to the Party's website, the party will "amuse and amaze you," making you feel like you're in Gatsby's "inner circle." Happening at the luxurious Rialto Theatre on May 17th, this could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to party like it's 1922!

The party in Calgary is already sold out, with roughly 1,000 people attending, so reserve your tickets quickly! You can find the event on Facebook or reserve directly through their official website.

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To quote Fergie in the latest Great Gatsby movie, "a little party never killed nobody!"

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